Advantages of an Excavator Rubber Tracks

The choice between steel tracks and rubber tracks is the greatest challenge faced by many owners of big or mini excavators. Since the 80s the popularity of excavator rubber tracks over its steel counterpart has grown exponentially.

The smaller and lighter earthworks operations are probably the major contributor to make excavator rubber tracks for mini excavators the top choice.

The multiple advantages of opting for excavator rubber tracks to use in a mini excavator include:

Superior operator comfort due to smoother rides

One of the most important considerations when it comes to work efficiency is the comfort of an excavator’s operator. A smoother ride over varied terrains is ensured for excavators using rubber tracks. Rolling over different terrains with minimal shoving becomes an enjoyable and stable ride for an excavator operator. The stable ride provided by rubber tracks creates an efficient and comfortable working condition for excavator operators.

Ground damage is kept to the minimum

Rubber tracks create lesser carbon imprints, making them an eco-friendly option for excavators. A beautiful home space showing cabro paving can become defaced by excavator movement during a renovation. Defacing spaces can be kept to the barest minimum with the swift movement of excavators with rubber tracks as they move on various surfaces. Not doing damage to any ground is, perhaps, the top benefit provided by rubber tracks.

Easy to install and take off

The prolonged downtimes for replacing tracks during excavation operations are an inefficient way of handling the project. Operation downtime is kept to the minimum with the installation and taking off of rubber tracks. Worn-out tracks can be quickly removed by the right installation kit in a matter of minutes. It means that in case downtime happens, the easy installation and removal of the rubber tracks can quickly get the excavator running in a matter of minutes.

Better operational capabilities than steel tires and tracks

Traction and superior mobility on varied surfaces are the top features provided by rubber tracks. Better stability is provided by rubber tracks with the even distribution of the excavator’s weight. Ground contact is given a larger surface area with the even weight distribution provided by rubber tracks to both big and mini excavators. This stability allows excavators to glide smoothly and never get stuck over muddy terrain and other difficult surfaces.

Great to use for speedy operations

The set deadlines of every project mean that performing speedy work is essential. Quick and multiple trips on the site are achieved with the flexibility and speed provided by rubber-tired excavators. What steel-tired excavators can achieve in a day’s work can be doubly performed by excavators fitted with rubber tracks.

This fast work provides a win-win scenario for both client and contractor. The fewer vibrations produced by rubber-tired excavators while in motion makes it possible to complete the project before the set deadline. Unlike steel tracks, rubber-tired excavators can quickly glide over obstacles, resulting in faster work. Manoeuvring quickly in big and small spaces is made short work by excavators with rubber tracks.

The multiple advantages provided by rubber tracks on excavators are the things that have made them the top option of various contractors. When speed and convenience are the options needed to quickly complete a project, there is a difference in excavator rubber tracks when used.

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