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Australia is a great place to explore, and the journeys around the country can be an amazing source of beauty and ideas, as it was the case with the ARB founder, Tony Brown.

But trips like this may require driving in mud, sand, water, or other conditions unlike the city roads you are used to. Taking your 4×4 vehicle with you could easily solve this problem, which we couldn’t say several decades earlier.

Rough roads, extreme weather conditions, and extra heavy loads definitely make travelling a challenge for your vehicle. Considering this, it will be tough to have a good time, which is the thing that matters the most when travelling. In the past, people have tried to create different handmade accessories to help make rough travel easier, but none of them were successful. Tony Brown and his Land Rover felt first-hand many of the problems people face during their journeys.

  • Origins of ARB Accessories

As soon as he got home, Tony got into his garage and started thinking about a solution to this problem. All of the issues he faced made his trip a not-so-enjoyable experience. He became completely committed to his work, trying to find a solution to make off-road trips more satisfying. Believe it or not, this is when ARB was founded.

  • Types of Accessories

Bull bars and roof racks were damaged the most, so ARB accessories are focused on making durable and quality parts. With bull bars from ARB, your vehicle won’t be damaged in case an animal attacks you. Although you may think this is unlikely to happen, there are many situations in which it is possible and may happen no matter how careful of a driver you are.

However, this wasn’t the only issue, so ARB had lots of work to do. The side protection accessories they offer are designed to make a shield, giving you maximum safety. Adding a canopy will help you with storing lightweight items that take up a lot of space, and if you decide to include the rear protection, you will be able to easily climb rocky paths.

  • Accessories Improvement

The management and employees at ARB are constantly working to find new and better solutions for off-road problems so that their customers will be completely satisfied. Each product is designed and manufactured by skilled professionals, so you will receive great support on the road. Their accessories go through a long process of designing, manufacturing, and checking before they leave the ARB workshop.

Tony’s negative experience was a trigger to start this company and help others. With ARB accessories, he managed to satisfy the needs of many travellers. With good work and excellent products, ARB succeeded in becoming the biggest Australian manufacturer for 4×4 accessories, selling its parts not just locally but also globally. So, in case you are planning to travel across Australia and explore its beauties, using ARB accessories is a necessity.

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