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Nothing hurts more when your car air conditioner stops working. The sweltering heat can be enough to make anyone go mad and if you re the sort who is always on the go, this can be a major problem. One of the reasons why the AC isn’t working could be that it’s low on refrigerant. These days modern air conditioning systems can be petty complicated. This is why you need to find the right auto electrician in Gold Coast. However, the following maintenance tips would ensure that the AC system works well between maintenance checks.

  • If you find a stale smell coming from your car’s interiors it could be attributed to the formation of mould on the air conditioning vents. You can easily get rid of it by spraying the mould remover of the car’s interior air intake. Mould is potentially dangerous especially for those who already suffer from asthma.
  • Also make sure that the cabin filter of the car is clean. The air conditioning won’t work properly if there is a great deal of dirt and debris in the filters. Just the way you clean the filters of the AC at home, you need to clean the filters of the car AC as well. Also dirty filters are a breeding ground for bacteria. By breathing in the dirty air you are outing yourself as well your loved ones at risk
  • Sometimes the cabin filters are in such a condition that these need to be replaced immediately.
  • Also make sure that you take the car for re-gassing. When the car air conditioner is low on refrigerant it may not be cooling the car s efficiently as before. Instead of stretching out the time period, it is essential to take the car for a re-fill checkup. It’s better than waiting out and finding that the car is not getting cool enough and you have to face the sweltering heat.
  • Also before you switch on the air conditioner, make sure you roll down all the windows at least half way. This lets out all the warm air. Then witch o the AC at its lowest setting and switch to fresh air. Once this is done, roll up the windows and switch up the air conditioner at a temperature which works for you.
  • Doing the above would put the least amount of strain on the air condenser of your car AC. In turn this will put less strain on the car’s engine as well.

However, if you still find the air conditioning of your car acting up, you would need to call in the help of a professional to fix your car air conditioning in Gold Coast. Make sure that you hire someone who is licensed and has the right kind of experience in handling your car kind of vehicles. New cars have a more intricate system which need special care, attention and equipment. Therefore hire the right auto electrician in Gold Coast to handle your car’s air conditioning system.


There are different kinds of tow truck services available for your vehicles. Have you chosen which one you like best? There are chances you already have a professional tow truck service at your disposal. However, it is better to find someone new and professional for an improved care for your vehicle.

Are you confused about the kind of tow truck services you should get? We recommend you get the flatbed service for your vehicle. There may be hundreds of services available but towing company Perth promises amazing services and opportunities for car improvements with a flatbed.

Here are a few advantages to getting the flatbed tow truck services no matter what kind of vehicle you have:

1. Prevents Vehicle Damage

The flatbed is a very space sufficient idea for your car. No matter what issue you have had with your vehicle, this flatbed is able to carry your vehicle without causing any damage. The flatbed is not just good for the space, but also for the amazing strength. It does not cause any exterior damage to the car.

You can experience amazing carriage for your car without worrying about lifting it up and getting it scratched or damaged in any way. From the paint of the car to the tires, nothing are damaged. The flatbed is an ideal solution to safeguarding your car when required for towing services.

2. Carries All Kinds of Vehicles

tow truck

No matter what kind of a car or bike you have, this flatbed is able to carry all kinds of heavy and lightweight vehicles. No matter what the distance, what the weight and how long the time or distance of carrying your vehicle is, it is easier to do so with the flatbed. The flatbed is a flat surface that does not have any bumps or any issues that can affect the kind of vehicles you want to carry.

You will see how smooth the ride is with the flatbed. There is no difficulty in maintaining the static and inertia of your vehicle. Whether you have an SUV or a sedan, everything can be taken care of with this flatbed.

3. Fast Speed and Safety Ride

The flatbed tow truck has an amazing efficiency. It can carry all kinds of vehicles without compromising on speed. This is because there is no fear of slipping the vehicle or moving it from its original space. Therefore, the flatbed can be used as a fast ride if you want a quick fix of your car.

Apart from the speed, the safety can also be guaranteed. Due to its substantial surface and flatness, it does not risk any damage to the car. So it is absolutely safe to travel long distance with your car on top of a flatbed.


The Federal Chambers passed in extremis the new law on electricity, with the support of the PS and the Greens. A conciliation conference was necessary to separate the two Chambers. Finally, it was the option of opening up to the two-stage electricity market that prevailed. In the first five years, companies consuming more than 100 MWh per year (52% ofSwiss consumption) will have the free choice of the supplier.

A grouping of smaller consumers, to reach this limit of consumption, was refused. At the end of this first stage, an optional referendum can be launched before full liberalization. LApEl also provides for a guaranteed supply regime (but at what price?), For customers who will not want to stock up on the open market, and the creation of a national operating company. This company under private law will, directly or indirectly, be held in the hands of the cantons and municipalities at a rate of 51% minimum. As for the introduction of measures to develop renewable energies, the Energy Act provides for financing them with the aid of 0.6 cents per kWh, up to a ceiling of 320 million francs.

A referendum without waiting for the second stage

SIT is in favor of launching a referendum against LApEl, convinced of the dysfunctional market mechanisms, the negative consequences on employment and prices, the inevitable concentrations of actors and the power that will be left to them, inevitable decreases in investments in networks and production, with the risk of breakdowns that results. The unions circulated a petition, which collected 950 signatures from GIS staff, well placed to assess the harmful consequences of this law. It recalls the rejection of the LME in popular vote and opposition to any liberalization of the electricity market.

It urges the unions and Federations to launch the referendum against LApEl, with all the forces that consider that this liberalization is not inevitable. Some French-speaking cantons have already adopted transitional laws in order to hinder them, and in Geneva, the Energy-Waters initiative: our business, respect for the popular will! Is pending at the Grand Council. No offense to the USS,

who spoke out against the launch of a referendum, the People’s NO to the law on the electricity market was not respected. Let us bet that other forces will allow the people to vote against this liberalization bis. who voted against the launch of a referendum, the people’s NO to the law on the electricity market was not respected. We bet that other forces will allow the people to vote against this liberalization bis. who voted against the launch of a referendum, the people’s NO to the law on the electricity market was not respected. We bet that other forces will allow the people to vote against this liberalization bis.

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Once a month, SIT organizes a meeting of its active members to discuss issues, prepare sessions, guide and organize union activities at GIS. These meetings are open to all and all SIT members who wish to participate actively. He participates in the drafting of demands for the year-end negotiations with the Directorate-General to improve the working conditions of all staff.

SIT also regularly organizes union training days. He is consulted by the authorities or the commissions of the Grand Council on bills related to the activity of GIS. The union takes a position on each issue of the Grand Angle newspaper.

The union has a representative within the CAP. He also has an elected representative on the SIT-SSP list in the Staff Committee and some of his delegates participate in various working groups. SIT is also a member of the Intersyndicale de SIG (SIT-SSP-Syndicat Chrétien-Syndicat SEA-Staff Association Ville de Genève and SIG).

The union accompanies its members who encounter difficulties, advises them and defends them when necessary.

For any additional information, please contact our secretariat at 022 818 03 00 or go to one of our offices.

The issues in this sector are as follows:

- The union is opposed to the draft new Staff Regulations

- The union is opposed to the liberalization of the electricity market

- The union is fighting for the preservation of a public service in the field of water, gas and electricity distribution.

- The union was consulted in autumn 2009 by the State Council on a draft law on the governance of public institutions that should apply to SGIs, inspired by the same management models of private companies, the same models of good governance according to the OECD and presents a barely modified copy of the project that was swept aside by the people in June 2008. The SIT persists in its disagreement.

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