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The choice between steel tracks and rubber tracks is the greatest challenge faced by many owners of big or mini excavators. Since the 80s the popularity of excavator rubber tracks over its steel counterpart has grown exponentially.

The smaller and lighter earthworks operations are probably the major contributor to make excavator rubber tracks for mini excavators the top choice.

The multiple advantages of opting for excavator rubber tracks to use in a mini excavator include:

Superior operator comfort due to smoother rides

One of the most important considerations when it comes to work efficiency is the comfort of an excavator’s operator. A smoother ride over varied terrains is ensured for excavators using rubber tracks. Rolling over different terrains with minimal shoving becomes an enjoyable and stable ride for an excavator operator. The stable ride provided by rubber tracks creates an efficient and comfortable working condition for excavator operators.

Ground damage is kept to the minimum

Rubber tracks create lesser carbon imprints, making them an eco-friendly option for excavators. A beautiful home space showing cabro paving can become defaced by excavator movement during a renovation. Defacing spaces can be kept to the barest minimum with the swift movement of excavators with rubber tracks as they move on various surfaces. Not doing damage to any ground is, perhaps, the top benefit provided by rubber tracks.

Easy to install and take off

The prolonged downtimes for replacing tracks during excavation operations are an inefficient way of handling the project. Operation downtime is kept to the minimum with the installation and taking off of rubber tracks. Worn-out tracks can be quickly removed by the right installation kit in a matter of minutes. It means that in case downtime happens, the easy installation and removal of the rubber tracks can quickly get the excavator running in a matter of minutes.

Better operational capabilities than steel tires and tracks

Traction and superior mobility on varied surfaces are the top features provided by rubber tracks. Better stability is provided by rubber tracks with the even distribution of the excavator’s weight. Ground contact is given a larger surface area with the even weight distribution provided by rubber tracks to both big and mini excavators. This stability allows excavators to glide smoothly and never get stuck over muddy terrain and other difficult surfaces.

Great to use for speedy operations

The set deadlines of every project mean that performing speedy work is essential. Quick and multiple trips on the site are achieved with the flexibility and speed provided by rubber-tired excavators. What steel-tired excavators can achieve in a day’s work can be doubly performed by excavators fitted with rubber tracks.

This fast work provides a win-win scenario for both client and contractor. The fewer vibrations produced by rubber-tired excavators while in motion makes it possible to complete the project before the set deadline. Unlike steel tracks, rubber-tired excavators can quickly glide over obstacles, resulting in faster work. Manoeuvring quickly in big and small spaces is made short work by excavators with rubber tracks.

The multiple advantages provided by rubber tracks on excavators are the things that have made them the top option of various contractors. When speed and convenience are the options needed to quickly complete a project, there is a difference in excavator rubber tracks when used.


Have you ever known why some Brisbane business owners insist that all employees wear workwear when coming to work? Most people think it is not essential for the employees to wear workwear when they work, but there are many benefits. You may never believe that you will benefit from it or your employees will benefit from wearing their workwear. However, it is essential for your business as well as for the employees themselves. The following are some of the benefits of workwear in Brisbane.

Benefits to the employer

The following are some of the benefits employers enjoy from having their employees wearing the right workwear:

Workwear helps everyone distinguish between the employees and customers in a business, thereby reducing workplace confusion. Imagine running a company where you have almost twenty or more employees, but none of them has their workwear, and you were to send your customers to seek help from the employees. It will be challenging for the customers to distinguish the employees from the other clients. This will bring confusion to your workplace. For this reason, if you want to eliminate confusion in your workplace, you have to ensure that you come up with solutions. Purchasing workwear for your employees could be the most relevant solution. This is because the workwear will help in distinguishing the employees from other people.

Promoting the business brand is also among the benefits that you get to enjoy as the employer when you have workwear for your employees. You have to remember that your employees are some of the things people use to identify your business. Therefore, if you use this identity properly, it will end up benefiting you. For this reason, when you have your employees wearing workwear that has a logo of your business, it will be easier for your business to be recognized by other people. This will help in indirectly promoting your business brand.

Safety is paramount as far as the productivity of your business is concerned. The employer must ensure that the workers are safe and having the workwear helps them perform their duties effectively. When you are selecting your workwear, you will realize that there are different types of workwear that you can choose for your employees. Therefore, if your business’s working conditions are not favourable for your employees, you will have the chance to select the workwear that will enhance our employees’ safety. For instance, if your business involves operating machinery, medical instruments, or even chemicals, you will have the workwear to help keep your employees safe as they work.

Benefits to the employees

The employees in your workplace are people from different backgrounds, and therefore some will feel superior to others. This is something that you have to avoid in your workplace since it makes your business less productive. Instead, all employees should be treated with equality despite their backgrounds. When you have workwear for your employees, they will feel that no one is superior to the others. Therefore, it is easy for employees to work as a team.

The other benefit is that as an employee, you have to ensure that you are at your place of work on time. However, when you have to select the best dress to wear for work, you will spend so much time, and therefore you will not make it time. However, when you have your workwear, you do not have to look for what to wear. This will save on the time you spend dressing, and you will always get to your workplace on time.


Organisms such as shells, seaweeds, and more sticking to the hull of your boat are a process known as fouling. The presence of these organisms will not only damage the structure of your boat, but they also make your boat look unsightly.

This makes it crucial for boat owners to use the best protection there is. Hiring the services of antifouling, Gold Coast is the best way to counter the fouling of your boat.

Your boat’s speed is compromised with the drag resistance created by the various organisms sticking on the hull. A boat’s hull applied with antifouling paint provides the best preventive action from these organisms.

The advantages of using antifouling paint to your boat include:


Lessens drag

Resistance to the water increases in a boat’s hull full of organisms. These organisms love to grow in the excess surface area such as a boat’s hull. The large colony of organisms sticking to the hull loses a boat’s streamlined form. This ultimately inhibits the boat from travelling as fast as it should.

Organisms are not deterred by regular paint. One latched creature encourages others to join in the fun. The large colony of organisms creates a real impact on a boat’s speed performance and looks.

Removing them after they have latched on is a long and tedious job. The best preventive measure is to apply antifouling paint at the outset.


Long-term protection

Water is the best element for antifouling paints. Unlike ordinary or regular paints, antifouling paints release biocides once in contact with water. This special chemical in the paint is strong enough to deter animals and plants away from the hull of your boat.

Ordinary paints, on the other hand, are less durable for long-term contact with water. The hardiest and most durable paint to provide long-lasting and secure protection is by coating the boat’s hull with antifouling paint.

Features biocides

Biocides are chemicals integrated into the porous film of antifouling paints. Coming into contact with water releases the biocides to kill or deter off any plant or animal from latching to the hull of the boat.

The deterring power of biocides when it comes to water organisms significantly decreases the chance of going near your boat. Ordinary paint may be durable but it will never provide a secure barrier to your boat.

Ordinary paint will eventually wear down to allow the various water organisms to invade and thrive on the boat’s hull. Biocides, on the other hand, discourage various forms of organisms from venturing near your boat.


Protects the boat’s structure

Barnacles, mussels, and other forms of hard shellfish can potentially damage your boat. Painting the hull with regular paint can easily make the tough shells of these creatures to cut through. This will cause fissures and cracks when the damage reaches the wood or fibreglass underneath the hull.

Repairing the damage caused can cost a pretty penny. Using antifouling paint on the hull is the best way to prevent future damage from happening. Make your boat the terror of these sea creatures by using antifouling paint on the hull.


Keeping your boat strong and durable for a long time needs the protection provided by antifouling paint. Your boat achieves peak performance all the time when it stays as streamlined as possible. The Boat Works are antifouling specialists who can help you maintain your boat’s condition. Reach out to them to inquire about their expert services.






Using behemoth excavators weighing between 30,000 to 40,000 pounds are the usual machines used for large construction projects. Their maximum digging power is what makes these humongous excavators must-haves in big building works.

Mini excavators may be small in size but they pack a powerful punch like their larger siblings. Some small to medium-sized projects in Melbourne have seen the advantages of using minuscule 3,000 to 18,000 pounds mini excavators Melbourne.

The utility of mini diggers lies in their ability to accommodate varied attachments that go beyond the traditional blade and bucket.


What can mini excavators do?


Flexibility and adaptability

Other pieces of equipment used in general construction work can be superseded by the flexibility and adaptability of mini excavators. Their compact size allows them easy access to manoeuvre in narrow and tight areas that their bigger brothers will be unable to do.

The 40-inch track widths of these compact diggers give them the ability to access almost any small and big space. Their smaller size and weight leave less carbon imprint on the sites worked on.  A trailer, a ¾ ton truck, and regular hitch are the only things needed to tow away mini excavators from one job site to the next.

The smaller footprint they leave is because of the compact swing booms of the mini diggers. Additionally, the possibility of hitting objects in the worksite is minimised with the minimal swing or zero tail of the mini diggers working in cramped spaces.


The tasks mini diggers are capable to do contradicts the “mini” word applied to them. A 10-foot-deep hole can easily be dug up by a mini digger weighing between 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. Digging a 14-feet hole is short work for mini diggers weighing between 10,000-12,000 pounds.

This capability is due to the equipment technology attached to the mini diggers that once were used by their larger counterparts. For example, added power is given to the small machines by integrating them with updated hydraulic systems.

The end stroke jolting is eliminated with the integration of cushioned bucket cylinders, boom, and stick created by some manufacturers to the small machines. The ideal working condition is also configured by the angled blades. Grading and backfilling is speeded up by the adjustments in the right and left blades.

There are mini excavator models equipped with retractable undercarriages. This feature gives the operator the ability to retract the carriage in cramped areas. Additional stability is also achieved when the carriage is expanded by the operator.



Mini excavators achieve optimum dexterity with the various attachments. These attachments include rippers, compactor plates, augers, and hydraulic hammers. Attaching these pieces of equipment is easy to manoeuvre because of the cab-mounted controls of the small diggers.

More capabilities are given to the mini diggers by the varied boom configurations. Long booms used in the mini excavators give them the ability to achieve higher dump heights and farther reach. Operators of mini diggers don’t have to reposition the excavator as they work with the longer reach capability. The depth of the dig is also extended along with maximum lifting capacity provided by the attached articulated and extendable booms.


The toy-like appearance of mini diggers is deceiving given their capabilities, flexibility, and power. These machines more than make-up for their small size. Contact ABC Mini Excavators Melbourne to learn more about the amazing abilities of mini diggers.





Australia is a great place to explore, and the journeys around the country can be an amazing source of beauty and ideas, as it was the case with the ARB founder, Tony Brown.

But trips like this may require driving in mud, sand, water, or other conditions unlike the city roads you are used to. Taking your 4×4 vehicle with you could easily solve this problem, which we couldn’t say several decades earlier.

Rough roads, extreme weather conditions, and extra heavy loads definitely make travelling a challenge for your vehicle. Considering this, it will be tough to have a good time, which is the thing that matters the most when travelling. In the past, people have tried to create different handmade accessories to help make rough travel easier, but none of them were successful. Tony Brown and his Land Rover felt first-hand many of the problems people face during their journeys.

  • Origins of ARB Accessories

As soon as he got home, Tony got into his garage and started thinking about a solution to this problem. All of the issues he faced made his trip a not-so-enjoyable experience. He became completely committed to his work, trying to find a solution to make off-road trips more satisfying. Believe it or not, this is when ARB was founded.

  • Types of Accessories

Bull bars and roof racks were damaged the most, so ARB accessories are focused on making durable and quality parts. With bull bars from ARB, your vehicle won’t be damaged in case an animal attacks you. Although you may think this is unlikely to happen, there are many situations in which it is possible and may happen no matter how careful of a driver you are.

However, this wasn’t the only issue, so ARB had lots of work to do. The side protection accessories they offer are designed to make a shield, giving you maximum safety. Adding a canopy will help you with storing lightweight items that take up a lot of space, and if you decide to include the rear protection, you will be able to easily climb rocky paths.

  • Accessories Improvement

The management and employees at ARB are constantly working to find new and better solutions for off-road problems so that their customers will be completely satisfied. Each product is designed and manufactured by skilled professionals, so you will receive great support on the road. Their accessories go through a long process of designing, manufacturing, and checking before they leave the ARB workshop.

Tony’s negative experience was a trigger to start this company and help others. With ARB accessories, he managed to satisfy the needs of many travellers. With good work and excellent products, ARB succeeded in becoming the biggest Australian manufacturer for 4×4 accessories, selling its parts not just locally but also globally. So, in case you are planning to travel across Australia and explore its beauties, using ARB accessories is a necessity.


Australia is a place where most people who initially came to study or stay temporarily are transformed to becoming immigrants looking to live there for good. That is for a lot of reasons. Australia is a haven for foreign immigrants because of it’s friendly labor policies, an agile job market, and the value it puts on work life balance. These are qualities that are quite challenging to find in your prospective employers especially in other parts of the globe.

When you have been in Australia long enough you probably have a list of items already that you have purchased during your stay. Normally these are items you wouldn’t even think of buying in your home country but felt like you needed it when you came to live in Australia. Below is a list of things that you may have already bought or are about to buy if you are currently living in Australia.


If you live in a country that has no access to amazing shorelines with waves you can ride on, you may have not thought about buying a surfboard before. For the adventure seekers and those who are really into extreme sports, this might be the very first item they bought with their first salary earned in the land down under. With long stretches of shorelines and a nice set of waves you can ride all year round, a surfboard is a necessary purchase for the young at heart.

Insect Repellants

Australia is a country of rich biodiversity so it’s pretty close to nature. With the number of things that can possibly bite you here, you need to have insect repellants in your pocket at all times. From tiny bugs that causes itching, to dangerous scorpions and spiders, an insect repellant can definitely help you avoid these creepy crawlies.

Commercial Park BBQs

Going on a barbie with your friends is a common way for Aussies to spend a good time in the weekend. If you have invited a couple of friends over then you may have already bought yourself a commercial builtin BBQ. They help make barbies are much more convenient and fun experience, rather than having to pre-historically build your own fire.

Wine Cabinets

There’s no other country in the world that go crazy over wines than Australia. Because of the abundance of grape farms and wineries across the country wines tend to be much cheaper without compromising quality and taste. This is also the reason why Australia is a haven for all wine enthusiasts. Wine tours are common tourist attractions in every Australian state. This obsession with wine extends to every household and every dinner or lunch party you host. Having a wine cabinet to keep a good stock of tasteful wines is a great way to entertain and wow your visitors.

Though the products mentioned are not exclusive to Australia, they are mostly the things you will find in a typical Australian household. They help identify how a typical Australian home should look like and how the people in this beautiful country live their life in style and comfort.


How to choose the right towing company in Brisbane

In case you ever find yourself stranded with your car broken down in the middle of nowhere, you would definitely require the services of a towing company. After all who even thinks of calling the best towing service when you are stuck with a car which won’t budge?

There are also other instances when you would need to hire a tow truck. Perhaps you acre ran out of petrol or there’s a flat tire and your spare is flat as well. No matter what your reason is to calling a towing service make sure you call a reliable towing company.

So how do you choose the right towing company in Brisbane? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is do a bit of research to find one or two best towing companies and save their numbers in your contact list. So if the need ever arises you can simply use your phone to call them for assistance.

  • Take a look on the internet. It provides valuable insight into how different companies work. Check out the reviews of various towing companies in Brisbane. Positive customer reviews mean that the company does its job well.
  • However if you do see one or two bad reviews don’t exactly hold it against the company. Not everyone who has had a good experience would write a review. Keep in mind for one bad review there are at least a hundred satisfied customers.
  • Another things which you should keep in mind is to observe whether the company is registered. Any company which is registered with the better business bureau is a company you could reply on. They have the necessary license and documents to carry out their services.
  • Also when checking out a company’s website take a look at their affiliations. Do they have other businesses registered on their web site? This is also a sign that the company is reliable and there are other businesses associated with it as well.
  • When checking online reviews don’t forget to read what customers who have given a lower star rating have to say about the company. Are they complaining about the conditions of the tow trucks? If the condition of the two trucks it’s good you might need to reconsider your choice.
  • Just because a company is willing to offer prices which are unbelievably low doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and use their services. if the vehicle isn’t towed in a proper manner it can actually cause even more damage. This s why it is important to call in the services of a premium towing company in Brisbane.
  • You can even ask those in you circle to help you find a good towing company. After all there are quite a few people who might have hired a tow truck at one time or the other.

Finding a towing company doesn’t mean you got to do a lot of research. Just some time spent searching on the internet and a talk with few acquaintances could help get the job done.


What are Ute service bodies?

Are you a businessman who use buy stocks of goods from your nearest wholesale store?

Or are you the adventurous type of person, who always loved to go on a camping and want to stay there for days.  If that is so, you may need a canopy for your ute.  Yes, in these modern days, where people loved to be on the go, Ute service bodies are vehicle accessories worth investing.  It does not only make your vehicle look great, but, it allows you to carry things in a secure way and protected from the heat of the sun and the rain.

What are Ute service bodies?

Ute service bodies are sometimes referred to Ute canopy.  They are additional accessories of a vehicle, built and design to create an additional cargo and work space to you vehicle, to secure it from being damage.  It also will protect it from getting stolen. It also will improve the looks of your vehicle.

What are the materials use to fabricate this ute service bodies?

Ute service bodies are made of the following materials:

  1. Aluminum ute canopies offers the best option now a days.  It is now the most popular among all the canopies, here in Australia.  It is because of its strength and lightness, that people embrace its finish.  To add to that, aluminum is not prone to corrosion and so it suggests low maintenance expenses.
  2. Steel looks better to hear, as it will suggest hardness and strength.  But, aside to its heaviness, steel is prone to corrosion, so it will mean additional expenses for maintenance.  You still have to paint it with anti rust from time to time.
  3. Canvass is a better option if you are not heavy user of ute vehicle.  It is very light, but lacks durability.
  4. Fiber glass. Fiber glass may be a pleasant option, but it is a little bit expensive.

Are ute service bodies available in Australia?

Since ute originated from Australia, you can expect many dealers of ute service bodies or canopies in the country.  Australia is a well developed country and rich in economy, so you can expect many people can afford to buy, utes.  Some may use this for business, while some for leisure.  Ute’s has flexibility in its functionality.   You can check online for the list of dealership in your area or you can ask for referrals from friends, whom you know own the same kind of vehicle. The majority of suppliers will offer full mining and utility fleet solutions for any purpose.

What you need to remember, before buying a ute service body?

Please don’t forget that you decide to buy a ute service body with a purpose.  Choose the design that your purpose well and make sure that your ute service body is custom built for your vehicle.  This will make sure to have an exact fit and so you can maximized its benefits and functionality.  It all comes in different make and models, so choose the service body that is exactly the same as the make and model of your vehicle.

Lastly, choose the material that will qualify your requirement. Investing in a canopy or a service body is a little bit expensive, so be sure you get the value of your money.


Rubber Track.

This is rubber fittings used to be fitted to any heavy equipment to insure its stability while on operation.  They are most often used in excavators, tractors and other machineries. This is fitted to the machine according the application it is intended. Excavators can be fitted with either a rubber track or a steel track.  So its  all about your jobsite, application and machine.

Advantages.  Rubber track has several advantages compared steel tracks.  Here are some of it:

  1. Rubber tracks are ideal on grass or dirt and will just need a a more aggressive thread patterns to avoid getting stock on wet and muddy surface.
  2. Rubber tracks are less expensive than steel tracks.
  3. Ground Damage. I will create less damage in roads and any surface it passes.
  4. Rubber Tracks create very less noise, compared to its counter part.
  5. Rubber tracks creates less vibrations, making it possible for faster speed.
  6. Rubber Tracks offer a more comfort ride to the operator, causing less fatigue.
  7. We rubber track, vibration is reduced that will lead to longer machinery life and low maintenance cost.
  8. Ground Pressure. With ground pressure low, it is ideal for soft and wet terrain.

Rubber Tracks against Tyres comparison.

  1. Rubber tracks are ideal for application where the ground must be less disturb, such as landscaping and working around homes.
  2. Weight is evenly distributed, causing it to be more stable on soft surface.
  3. It has superior traction, because it has more contact with the ground.

The next thing we must focus, is how to make the most of our rubber tracks?

To get maximum productivity, we must make the most of the rubber track and at the same time, taking care of it.  Most companies designed rubber tracks to be of superior quality, but it all depends on how we use and care for it.

Here are some basic ways to care for your rubber tracks.

  1. It is essential to maintain the tension of your trucks at all times.
  2. Always check the under-carriage components of your machine (sprocket,rollers and idlers) for damages. This will affect the performance of the tracks and will cause damage to it.
  3. Avoid the use of your vehicle on rocky surface and steel edges
  4. Avoid sharp fast turn and slope side turn
  5. Avoid large foreign objects from being entangled undercarriage.
  6. Avoid pressing against hard wall.
  7. Remove oil from the track, because it will degrade the rubber.
  8. Must be kept indoors, away from rain and sunlight.

The Rubber Track is a very important component in every machine.  It will contribute to the comfort of the operator, longevity of the machine, minimize maintenance expenses, increase productivity and provide ground stability.

In Australia, there are a variety of rubber tracks available in the market. You will have a lot of choices.  What is important is to consider the application in which you will use the tracks, the work surface and the budget.



Exhaust Technology

Wondering which muffler to choose for your vehicle? Mufflers come in different varieties. The most common type being chamber mufflers. These are of different length and sizes. Each muffler has a number of chambers, while some may have one there are some which have multiple chambers. The best kind are perhaps the chambered mufflers because they help reduce the noise in the engine yet provide the much sought after growl which a muscle car needs.

How do you find the right sound muffler?

It all actually depends upon the kind of muffler you are looking for. While some mufflers sound like a low throaty growl there are few which sound like a full on ear splitting roar. The right kind of muffler varies from person to person all depending upon what works for an individual.

The basic work of a muffler is to provide noise reduction. When internal combustion takes place in the muffler, gases are released in the form of short pressure burst. These bursts of pressure create a lot of sound waves, the muffler helps reduce these sound waves to a tolerable level. see here for more information on industrial exhaust technology.

Though it may sound simple enough, but the performance by a muffler is quite complicated. Most people prefer buying after-market mufflers. They provide maximum exhaust performance and reduce noise levels to an acceptable level.

A muffler compromises of baffles, chambers and perforated tubes. In other words a variety of sound deadening material goes into the construction of an ideal muffler. Each of these are fitted in a different way by the manufacturers to give different back up and performance.

When buying a muffler, keep the following things in mind

  • Should you buy a single or a dual system muffler? This is turn would help you find how many inlets you would need. A muffler with a single exhaust would need a single inlet.
  • The diameter of the exhaust pipe. Its necessary to match the number of inlets and outlets to match the diameter of the exhaust
  • Is there adequate room for the mufflers? The dimensions of the muffler should be such that these allow for the car to be cleaned easily.
  • The right sized muffler would be easier to install and give the best performance for your vehicle.
  • The style of the muffler. There are basically three varieties which include chamber, turbo and straight through mufflers. Each has its own set of benefits.
  • Chambered mufflers work well for muscle cars. They help reduce the exhaust noise but provide the throaty growl which is expected of street vehicles. However the tone and noise reduction depends upon the number of chambers a muffler has.
  • Turbo mufflers are equipped with perforated tubes and are usually S shaped. It is also packed with some sound deadening material which increases muffling. These kind of mufflers work well for turbo cars.
  • Straight through mufflers work well for racing cars. These are equipped with sound absorbing materials like fiber glass. It is more compact than the other kind of mufflers and is an ideal choice for sleek sports cars.

Choose the right muffler to get the most benefit for your vehicle.