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Hard rubbish removal is less of a chore and is done less often in most homesteads and compounds, say once in a year. This is not enough though; you can imagine a broken fridge having to stay in the compound for several months without being collected by hard rubbish removal agencies. It is unbearable and irritating to let hard rubbish clutter your compound when it is possible or even a phone call away to reach hard rubbish removal agency to clean up the mess. Never again allow hard rubbish to build up within your compound for a long time because it is embarrassing to you or even to your guests. Lucky enough, today companies responsible for these services respond within the same day you placed a quote and no more than two days. They have realised that these services are needed regularly therefore devised and customised their pickups to accommodate small scale hard rubbish collection so that customers will not have to wait for heavy tracks to come and collect their hard rubbish.

What rubbish qualify to be labelled hard rubbish

Before placing a quote for the hard rubbish to be removed from your compound, first of all, you need to make sure you have classified them right. Don’t worry yourself about this exercise so much because they will come to the ground themselves and assess your hard rubbish and classify them according to the recyclable and non-recyclable. Their experts know these all. They have been doing this for quite a long time, hence not an issue on your side. Let us break down some the hard rubbish so that you know what constitutes hard rubbish and what constitutes a normal waste.

Carpets and linoleum

If you are surprised, then note that these old pieces constitute hard rubbish in your home. When you have decided to change the look of your flooring system, then know that old carpets from part of hard rubbish, and you need to get rid of them as soon as they are undone from your floor. If stripping is required to fully clear your floor for the new flooring system, these companies have it all. They are all-round equipped, and they will sort things out for you.

Ceramic, porcelain and glass

These could pose a challenge while removing, but you should take caution and let the experts do it for you. There is equipment designed to make these kinds of job easy. Stripping machines, for example, will make stripping of tiles from your floors faster than anticipated. Reckless removal of these items can pose serious dangers like cuts and injuries, so, you should sit back and relax, let the professionals do the job.

Furniture and old mattresses

Old furniture consumes quite a space in the compound; hence you need to get rid of as soon as possible. Hard rubbish removal agencies will give you a response to the quote as soon as possible, and they have wide networks to where they can donate recyclable items like old but usable chairs. They have a wide connection with charity homes were this old furniture can be renewed and made good use of instead of cluttering your compound. Old mattresses as well can be recycled, and it is upon them to get rid of as long as your compound is left tidy.

The New Year just started! It’s time to get rid of all the trash from the previous years. Organise hard rubbish removal at your home today.

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Why use fabricated steel in a construction project

These days all savvy builders know the importance of using fabricated steel in construction. Gone are the days when it was assumed that structural fabricated steel was used for sky scrapers only. In fact, these days’ people are increasingly using steel to make structures like garages and agricultural buildings.

There are quite a few reasons why steel is so popular in construction businesses everywhere. These include

  • Steel is not only strong but it is durable as well. It wears well and doesn’t rust easily.
  • Steel is sustainable. It can be recycled time and again for a variety of purposes. This way its impact on the environment is not as harmful as that of other metallic sheets.
  • Steel is an alloy which is affordable and is being used increasingly by modern builders who believe in innovative design and construction.

The steel can be used to build full metal buildings or fusion construction which blends the benefits of both wood and steel to develop a modern yet sustainable building. Since steel is so versatile it is used during all the stages and processes involved in construction. It is used to construct frames, floor joists and roofing material as well. The following are some of the benefits of using steel in construction businesses.

Steel is pretty lightweight

Steel is durable but is pretty light weight. This makes it easier to construct large structures from steel yet there is no issue when it comes to transportation and delivery of those large structures. In fact it’s even lighter than wood. When the frames of wood and steel are compared, it was observed that steel happens to be even lighter than wood. Though the density of steel is definitely more but when fabricated into frames, a steel frame happens to be much lighter.

It’s much time saving to use steel in a construction project

In a construction project, time equals to money. These days it has become even more so. The focus is on building which are completed on time with little to no defects. Being on time means that the project stays within budget. A fast track project can be a real difficult one for both the contractor and construction workers. It mean they have to work double fast and double hard. However with steel engineers and contractors can rest assured that they would be able to save time and get the project underway much sooner. This is because fabricated metal or steel is available in a variety of shapes and designs which are so precise they are an engineer’s dream come true.

Steel is affordable

The best thing about steel is that it’s affordable. In fact the extra steel waste can be disposed of without a slightest thought because it can be used in making other things. Also its durability makes it pretty low maintenance. It can with stand any sort of weather condition and is not prone to rusting.

With so many benefits of fabricated steel it’s no wonder why so many contractors prefer using steel for a variety of construction project.

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Features of the best companies offering fire protection services

It is true that every company offering fire protection service has got its certified technicians. You will always find them ready during whenever you want fire protection needs, and therefore, they are nice people. However, having the best fire protection technician is not a firm guarantee that they will provide all the needed services. This factor explains the main reason why you will always find other companies highly rated in comparison to the rest. As a result, I am going to share the main features that make a fire protection company highly rated:


When you get information that your fire extinguishers are out of date, you will always go for a fast fire protection services company in Sydney. The best first protection company is the one with highly skilled technicians that are in a position of changing route and appointments whenever someone requests for an emergency inspection.  Also, this company must feature a highly engaged customer service reps and schedulers who play a substantial role in viewing the schedules of the technicians and coming up with the most appropriate way of solving any rising problem.

Another option you can use to indicate speed is the identification and solution of the deficiency. When a particular part needs repair, the company must be fast enough to send the information, purchase it, get an instant invoice for the client, and even schedule the real time for the repair without quitting from the business.

These services usually take place through a server software, which connects the client and the company, through this, the client always becomes aware of every step taking place, the cost incurred and even the time for the next appointment.

The common thing with the great companies is that they are ever organised and always follow the routes of the technicians.


Another unique feature with the best companies is that they are ever flexible in both technical expertise and time. Even during the off-peak hours, you will always find a technician who’s ready to offer the needed assistance wherever it arises. Also, this technician can make a schedule for your fire protection service whenever you request for it.

A highly rated fire protection company is always certified in the most common brands. You will always find this type of company having technicians who are highly skilled in any area and brand.


A highly rated fire protection company featuring transparency in its services must have:

  • Instant visibility on any task performed
  • Must have access to paperwork
  • Deficiency information
  • Ability to manage multiple sites at the same time.
  • Verification that the site technicians are performing their roles.

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The Federal Chambers passed in extremis the new law on electricity, with the support of the PS and the Greens. A conciliation conference was necessary to separate the two Chambers. Finally, it was the option of opening up to the two-stage electricity market that prevailed. In the first five years, companies consuming more than 100 MWh per year (52% ofSwiss consumption) will have the free choice of the supplier.

A grouping of smaller consumers, to reach this limit of consumption, was refused. At the end of this first stage, an optional referendum can be launched before full liberalization. LApEl also provides for a guaranteed supply regime (but at what price?), For customers who will not want to stock up on the open market, and the creation of a national operating company. This company under private law will, directly or indirectly, be held in the hands of the cantons and municipalities at a rate of 51% minimum. As for the introduction of measures to develop renewable energies, the Energy Act provides for financing them with the aid of 0.6 cents per kWh, up to a ceiling of 320 million francs.

A referendum without waiting for the second stage

SIT is in favor of launching a referendum against LApEl, convinced of the dysfunctional market mechanisms, the negative consequences on employment and prices, the inevitable concentrations of actors and the power that will be left to them, inevitable decreases in investments in networks and production, with the risk of breakdowns that results. The unions circulated a petition, which collected 950 signatures from GIS staff, well placed to assess the harmful consequences of this law. It recalls the rejection of the LME in popular vote and opposition to any liberalization of the electricity market.

It urges the unions and Federations to launch the referendum against LApEl, with all the forces that consider that this liberalization is not inevitable. Some French-speaking cantons have already adopted transitional laws in order to hinder them, and in Geneva, the Energy-Waters initiative: our business, respect for the popular will! Is pending at the Grand Council. No offense to the USS,

who spoke out against the launch of a referendum, the People’s NO to the law on the electricity market was not respected. Let us bet that other forces will allow the people to vote against this liberalization bis. who voted against the launch of a referendum, the people’s NO to the law on the electricity market was not respected. We bet that other forces will allow the people to vote against this liberalization bis. who voted against the launch of a referendum, the people’s NO to the law on the electricity market was not respected. We bet that other forces will allow the people to vote against this liberalization bis.

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Once a month, SIT organizes a meeting of its active members to discuss issues, prepare sessions, guide and organize union activities at GIS. These meetings are open to all and all SIT members who wish to participate actively. He participates in the drafting of demands for the year-end negotiations with the Directorate-General to improve the working conditions of all staff.

SIT also regularly organizes union training days. He is consulted by the authorities or the commissions of the Grand Council on bills related to the activity of GIS. The union takes a position on each issue of the Grand Angle newspaper.

The union has a representative within the CAP. He also has an elected representative on the SIT-SSP list in the Staff Committee and some of his delegates participate in various working groups. SIT is also a member of the Intersyndicale de SIG (SIT-SSP-Syndicat Chrétien-Syndicat SEA-Staff Association Ville de Genève and SIG).

The union accompanies its members who encounter difficulties, advises them and defends them when necessary.

For any additional information, please contact our secretariat at 022 818 03 00 or go to one of our offices.

The issues in this sector are as follows:

- The union is opposed to the draft new Staff Regulations

- The union is opposed to the liberalization of the electricity market

- The union is fighting for the preservation of a public service in the field of water, gas and electricity distribution.

- The union was consulted in autumn 2009 by the State Council on a draft law on the governance of public institutions that should apply to SGIs, inspired by the same management models of private companies, the same models of good governance according to the OECD and presents a barely modified copy of the project that was swept aside by the people in June 2008. The SIT persists in its disagreement.

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