Mining Energy Efficiency

Being Energy Efficient in Mining

Mining is defined as the extraction of valuable minerals or other materials from the earth. Mining operations can create a negative impact on the environment and safety has always been the main concern. In the mining industry, you will see the personnel, the light and heavy equipment, the setup of the mine site, and other facilities used for the operation. Being efficient in mining is challenging yet possible for as long as it is the goal for every mining industry. Unlike other industries, mining cannot freely choose where to operate because it is only applicable to areas where there are minerals that are concentrated on the surface or underground.

The energy consumption across mining operations has increased dramatically. There are several ways to be efficient in energy. Mining requires energy for its operation where saving energy is necessary and it should always be considered and valued.

Consumption of energy depends on many factors. The mine design and layout is one of the factors. The mine site uses energy for the operation. The equipment used in the mining industry are using energy, and its consumption depends on how long the equipment is operating as well as their efficiencies. Mining operations have demands when it comes to the power supply so there are many companies that are now supplementing their mining operations by using solar energy. Another factor of energy usage depends on the skills and motivation of personnel. Mining industries are using different energy sources that are convenient for them and for their operations.

Cost-effective and reliable energy sources are important to discover, extract, process, and transport mineral resources from the mine site to the customer. However, it is a challenge for every mining industry to become efficient in energy.

Mining industries are improving their technologies to ensure that their operations are more energy efficient and have a less degrading impact on the environment. Being energy efficient can reduce the costs of maintenance, increase plant output with lower energy input and improve the quality of products. It can also improve working conditions for the personnel like making them comfortable in their work even if there are ongoing operations.

Saving energy is essential and beneficial. For others, it is quite a challenge and sometimes a problem because it is thought as impossible to be achieved. High technologies have a big contribution to this challenge.  Mining is considered as the second of humankind’s earliest endeavors. It is part of human’s life and existence as it can produce the needs and help improve the lives of many. Mining industries are improving their facilities for better production and assuring the cost-saving energy consumption in a way that they are avoiding to create damage to the environment.