Purchases you make when living in Australia

Australia is a place where most people who initially came to study or stay temporarily are transformed to becoming immigrants looking to live there for good. That is for a lot of reasons. Australia is a haven for foreign immigrants because of it’s friendly labor policies, an agile job market, and the value it puts on work life balance. These are qualities that are quite challenging to find in your prospective employers especially in other parts of the globe.

When you have been in Australia long enough you probably have a list of items already that you have purchased during your stay. Normally these are items you wouldn’t even think of buying in your home country but felt like you needed it when you came to live in Australia. Below is a list of things that you may have already bought or are about to buy if you are currently living in Australia.


If you live in a country that has no access to amazing shorelines with waves you can ride on, you may have not thought about buying a surfboard before. For the adventure seekers and those who are really into extreme sports, this might be the very first item they bought with their first salary earned in the land down under. With long stretches of shorelines and a nice set of waves you can ride all year round, a surfboard is a necessary purchase for the young at heart.

Insect Repellants

Australia is a country of rich biodiversity so it’s pretty close to nature. With the number of things that can possibly bite you here, you need to have insect repellants in your pocket at all times. From tiny bugs that causes itching, to dangerous scorpions and spiders, an insect repellant can definitely help you avoid these creepy crawlies.

Commercial Park BBQs

Going on a barbie with your friends is a common way for Aussies to spend a good time in the weekend. If you have invited a couple of friends over then you may have already bought yourself a commercial builtin BBQ. They help make barbies are much more convenient and fun experience, rather than having to pre-historically build your own fire.

Wine Cabinets

There’s no other country in the world that go crazy over wines than Australia. Because of the abundance of grape farms and wineries across the country wines tend to be much cheaper without compromising quality and taste. This is also the reason why Australia is a haven for all wine enthusiasts. Wine tours are common tourist attractions in every Australian state. This obsession with wine extends to every household and every dinner or lunch party you host. Having a wine cabinet to keep a good stock of tasteful wines is a great way to entertain and wow your visitors.

Though the products mentioned are not exclusive to Australia, they are mostly the things you will find in a typical Australian household. They help identify how a typical Australian home should look like and how the people in this beautiful country live their life in style and comfort.

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