What good can mini excavators Melbourne do?

Using behemoth excavators weighing between 30,000 to 40,000 pounds are the usual machines used for large construction projects. Their maximum digging power is what makes these humongous excavators must-haves in big building works.

Mini excavators may be small in size but they pack a powerful punch like their larger siblings. Some small to medium-sized projects in Melbourne have seen the advantages of using minuscule 3,000 to 18,000 pounds mini excavators Melbourne.

The utility of mini diggers lies in their ability to accommodate varied attachments that go beyond the traditional blade and bucket.


What can mini excavators do?


Flexibility and adaptability

Other pieces of equipment used in general construction work can be superseded by the flexibility and adaptability of mini excavators. Their compact size allows them easy access to manoeuvre in narrow and tight areas that their bigger brothers will be unable to do.

The 40-inch track widths of these compact diggers give them the ability to access almost any small and big space. Their smaller size and weight leave less carbon imprint on the sites worked on.  A trailer, a ¾ ton truck, and regular hitch are the only things needed to tow away mini excavators from one job site to the next.

The smaller footprint they leave is because of the compact swing booms of the mini diggers. Additionally, the possibility of hitting objects in the worksite is minimised with the minimal swing or zero tail of the mini diggers working in cramped spaces.


The tasks mini diggers are capable to do contradicts the “mini” word applied to them. A 10-foot-deep hole can easily be dug up by a mini digger weighing between 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. Digging a 14-feet hole is short work for mini diggers weighing between 10,000-12,000 pounds.

This capability is due to the equipment technology attached to the mini diggers that once were used by their larger counterparts. For example, added power is given to the small machines by integrating them with updated hydraulic systems.

The end stroke jolting is eliminated with the integration of cushioned bucket cylinders, boom, and stick created by some manufacturers to the small machines. The ideal working condition is also configured by the angled blades. Grading and backfilling is speeded up by the adjustments in the right and left blades.

There are mini excavator models equipped with retractable undercarriages. This feature gives the operator the ability to retract the carriage in cramped areas. Additional stability is also achieved when the carriage is expanded by the operator.



Mini excavators achieve optimum dexterity with the various attachments. These attachments include rippers, compactor plates, augers, and hydraulic hammers. Attaching these pieces of equipment is easy to manoeuvre because of the cab-mounted controls of the small diggers.

More capabilities are given to the mini diggers by the varied boom configurations. Long booms used in the mini excavators give them the ability to achieve higher dump heights and farther reach. Operators of mini diggers don’t have to reposition the excavator as they work with the longer reach capability. The depth of the dig is also extended along with maximum lifting capacity provided by the attached articulated and extendable booms.


The toy-like appearance of mini diggers is deceiving given their capabilities, flexibility, and power. These machines more than make-up for their small size. Contact ABC Mini Excavators Melbourne to learn more about the amazing abilities of mini diggers.




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