RT @zcolman: Here's why @TomSteyer's @NextGenClimate is playing in state races in Washington & Oregon: http://t.co/3Jr3g4t3D7
Anti-fossil fuel groups like @NRDC and @350 are pushing policies designed to increase the price of gas at the pump. http://t.co/8FgZUCFZPS
News Reports: Battle Over Fuel Prices Coming to the Northeast http://t.co/WbXwcwedgG
Massachusetts working with NESCAUM on a tool that could track carbon content across the Northeast via @EEPublishing http://t.co/cHBDhLRIGQ
Top enviro official says Mass. is 'moving forward' on clean fuels policies for Northeast http://t.co/cHBDhLRIGQ via @EEPublishing
Enviro groups "also urged [Gov] Patrick to pursue a clean fuels standard" http://t.co/hs0VE08o02 ($) via @EEPublishing
Washington Post confirms Steyer/LCV spending money in Oregon state legislative races. http://t.co/MEqDBKC780 via @eilperin
RT @AmyAHarder: The amount of cellulosic ethanol EPA required for 2013 is .08% of what Congress projected back in 2007. http://t.co/AP1CAEu…
RT @lrozett: Cellulosic Fuel Plant "today it becomes a reality" http://t.co/ORRbq4GNAJ Yet mandated by EPA #RFS for years -> http://t.co/8a…
RT @AFPMonline: We don’t have cellulosic fuels in 2014 bc the dev. of the necessary tech has been more about moonbeams than moonshots http:…