RT @Crosscut: As Jay Inslee preps a climate change measure for the 2015 legislative session, critics sharpen their knives. http://t.co/36om…
“With Steyer’s very radical environmental agenda, we’ve got the possibility of gas costing a dollar more per gallon,” http://t.co/ZMIh5tIBHg
Reminder, Tom Steyer supports gas tax increases in three states (and counting) http://t.co/kNGk3t1yKL
NYTimes: Inslee task force expected to outline legislative proposals AFTER the election, that could include a gas tax http://t.co/4RccxnUHoW
RT @mdgreen1956: Study: CA cap-and-trade program expands to include fuels Jan 1, but has design flaws. http://t.co/9krEGeIa9r | ET Blog
@eschor What about Washington and Oregon where Tom Steyer is working with Govs to raise gas prices? http://t.co/yDIyfdRDTd
Senate Report: Steyer has come out in support of Dem Govs in WA and OR who are advancing efforts to raise gas prices. http://t.co/VfhFA0FRdo
Kitzhaber-backed 'clean fuels' program a hidden tax on gas: Guest opinion http://t.co/jpyRQS5n4L
Politicians in Oregon are considering a LCFS that, if implemented, will become a new hidden gas tax http://t.co/jpyRQS5n4L via @oregonian
Tom Steyer is pushing policies that will specifically cause #gasprices to skyrocket. http://t.co/kNGk3t1yKL