California’s LCFS Raises Prices at the Pump via @AEA #GasPrices
Dem lawmakers worry current law could add at least 15 cents at gas pump which now tops $4 in many parts of the state.
"cap-and-trade system should not be used to raise billions of dollars in new state funds at expense of consumers" -
California Dem lawmakers bill aims to address looming gas price spike in state via @MarcLifsher @latimes
Congressional Budget Office Undermines Key Assumption of @GovInslee #LCFS via @WAPolicyGreen @WAPolicyCenter #wagov
"We're not gonna be jacking up anyone's prices by a dollar a gallon. It's absurd to think so" - @GovInslee on #LCFS
What You Should Know: The Supreme Court and the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard
Reminder, bipartisan concern in California about gas prices spiking next year #LCFS
Lawmakers in Oregon and Washington have refused to go along with #LCFS
Government-mandated fuel rationing schemes that drive up energy prices, like an #LCFS, are outdated

New Washington Coalition to Stand up For Consumers,
Push Back Against Costly Low Carbon Fuel Standard

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Lawmakers Begin to Worry
About Looming Gas Price Spikes in 2015

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Washington Consumers Be Warned:
Governor Inslee’s Latest Move Threatens to
Raise Costs Through Executive Action

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ICYMI: (Townhall) Executive Fiats in the Other Washington

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Diverse Voices Warn of Financial Impact of LCFS in Oregon Hearing

As the clock ticks down on Oregon’s failing Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) experiment, LCFS supporters in the Oregon State Senate held a hearing last week in a last-ditch effort to breathe life into the program. Thankfully, Brian Doherty – testifying on behalf of Western States Petroleum Association and as a member of Oregonians for … Read More