Kitzhaber-backed 'clean fuels' program a hidden tax on gas: Guest opinion
Politicians in Oregon are considering a LCFS that, if implemented, will become a new hidden gas tax via @oregonian
Tom Steyer is pushing policies that will specifically cause #gasprices to skyrocket.
RT @Jim_Brunner: .@OlympiaJoe breaks down how some of green billionaire Tom Steyer's money is flowing to WA legislative races…
Oregon's looming carbon fight via @AnnaStaver @Salem_Statesman
"One of my top legislative goals is to reauthorize our low carbon fuel standard." - @GovKitz #gastax
RT @zcolman: Here's why @TomSteyer's @NextGenClimate is playing in state races in Washington & Oregon:
Anti-fossil fuel groups like @NRDC and @350 are pushing policies designed to increase the price of gas at the pump.
News Reports: Battle Over Fuel Prices Coming to the Northeast

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Meet Tom Steyer, Mr. Gas Tax

Recently the media finally confirmed what Secure Our Fuels has been warning for months: California billionaire activist Tom Steyer is joining forces with anti-fossil fuel groups in the Northwest to pour millions of dollars into state elections to “handpick” state legislators that will carry out his costly agenda. While it’s well known that Steyer is … Read More

Battle Over Fuel Prices Coming to the Northeast

“On the East Coast, advocates of cleaner fuels are preparing to renew their fight” – Politico Consumers across the country today are enjoying economic advantages and increased energy security thanks to North American energy abundance.  As the New York Times reports, even as unrest continues to unfold in oil-producing regions of the world, Americans are … Read More