How do Fleet GPS Tracking Work?

Fleet tracking devices work on the same principle as the vehicle tracking devices. The basic aim is to keep a check on the position of the fleet during the journey which it makes to different destinations. It allow users to keep a complete track of the entire fleet at the same time by displaying different readings for each vehicle.

All major truck companies and other companies which make use of fleet vehicles make use of the fleet GPS tracking system. The tracking industry is considered as one of the fastest growing industries. Since the vehicles of a company are used for a variety of purpose, it is necessary to keep track of all these vehicles. What better way to keep track than to invest in an innovative and state of the art fleet GPS tracking system.

It basically compromises of a software which allows the management to have a zoomed out view which is provided by the fleet tracking device. The manager of the company would be able to have an immediate view of what and where the trucks are moving in a matter of seconds within a single click.

The simple fact that you are just a click away with finding the exact location of a particular vehicle within the company can have a great impact on the productivity of the fleet workers as well. If they have an idea that their movement is under scrutiny they would ensure that they work with diligence. There would be no unnecessary stops or extra-long break. Pus the tracking device in the vehicle also enables them to find safe and easy routes which can help save time. Plus the mileage of the vehicle would be better because the routes taken are shorter.

The tracking devices besides sending out the location of the vehicle sends alerts on all of the following as well:

  • The amount of fuel which has been used on a particular journey. Over speeding and unnecessary long routes can increase the amount of fuel being used. Therefore if it is noticed that a vehicle has a consistent high fuel usage it’s apparent that there is a problem, keeping these things in check ensures that problems like these don’t arise.
  • If the time is spent on idling and there are any unnecessary stops the management would be alerted. If a driver is taking too long to reach their destination, the alert would be sent. This ensures complete productivity.
  • If the vehicle is being used for unauthorised purposes.
  • Bad driving, unreasonable speeding and poor driving techniques are also matters of concern and are easily picked by the tracking device.
  • After the vehicles has completed a certain number of miles, an alert is sent to make the management know that it’s time to service the vehicle.
  • Work activity can be managed using the tracking device
  • Once the freight is delivered a notification is sent to the management, this makes it easy to keep track of all the deliveries.

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